4 novembre 2009

1989 : Une révolution inachevée

The so-called socialism of East Germany meant shortages of nearly every kind of basic goods and no democratic rights. Capitalism in the West seemed to have a lot more to offer.

The slogans on the demonstrations changed from “We are the people” to “We are a people” – a clear demand for German reunification. The protests grew to 150,000 people in January. For some among us, that was a sign that although we’d made a revolution, we’d nevertheless lost and that capitalism had won. /.../

It was only some weeks later that I began to look at the changing nature of the movement as a reflection of the way political demands were translating into economic and social ones. The demand for reunification was really a demand for better living standards.

The ruling classes of the East and West feared the movement and quickly came to an arrangement that put Germany back together. Reunification came from above.

Lire cet article par Gabi Engelhardt, qui était un acteur du mouvement qui a fait tomber le régime capitaliste d'Etat en Allemagne de l'Est en 1989 (en anglais) ...

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