6 décembre 2009

La droite américaine est-elle de retour ?

/.../ Despite their isolation from the mainstream and their through-the-looking-glass world view, the forces of the right seem to recognize one thing that professional Obama defenders don't--there is a deep anger and frustration in the population against a government that seems willing to spend billions for bankers while counseling patience to workers.

It's worth noting that the conservatives are mostly agitating around economic issues, such as the deficit, taxes and health care, rather than their traditional turf of social issues like abortion and gay marriage. At the least, these right wingers aren't fools when it comes to figuring out what is making millions of people anxious today.

It doesn't matter that the right's solutions--like canceling government stimulus measures to pay down the deficit--make no sense. They are gaining a hearing for two reasons: First, the administration hasn't been able to improve the employment picture in any way that's tangible to the majority; and second, the liberal groups who could be kicking up a ruckus to push for genuine health reform or a real jobs program are instead playing the role of loyal soldiers to the White House's agenda.

Avec le taux de popularité d'Obama en dessous des 50% et des défaites électorales pour son parti, Lance Selfa de l'International Socialist organization répond à une question lancinante - le président démocrate est-il en train de perdre la partie face à une droite conservatrice qui semblait il y a douze mois complètement assommée ? (en anglais)

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