2 octobre 2010

Paris : Images de la manifestation d'aujourd'hui contre la réforme des retraites

Pictures of Saturday's demonstration in Paris against Sarkozy's pensions 'reform'. According to union organisers up to 300,000 people (60,000 according to the police) marched from Place de la République to Place de la Nation to show their opposition to President Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to make employees work longer before qualifying for a state pension. Unions claimed 3 million people (less than 1 million according to the police) took part in over 200 protests across France. Two similar days of action took place on 7 and 23 September. The law will particularly hit women, and affects young people who will find it harder to find jobs as seniors stay on at work to the age of 67. The next step in the battle to defeat the plan, which has already passed France's Lower House, is a strike called for October 12. Meanwhile, many workers in Marseille have already stopped work.

La mobilisation un 'succès' (Besancenot)
Photos : Le Nouveau Poireau Rouge

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