6 décembre 2010

Dans Socialist Worker (Canada) : L'attaque contre le multiculturalisme

(...) Multiculturalism has been the official policy of Canadian governments since the end of the 1960s when labour shortages and the needs of the economy required immigrants from beyond Europe. Although statistics tell us that they still face racism in education and employment, newcomers from the Caribbean, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Asia were officially welcome to keep aspects of their original identity to add to the national “mosaic.”

Today, with the world economy reeling, and with new imperial rivalries sparking wars hot and cold, we are told multiculturalism is a luxury we can no longer afford. From pronouncements and policies of a right wing regime in Ottawa, to the mainstream media, the “other” is being demonized and rhetoric of national unity actually fosters divide-and-conquer racism. (..)
The attack on multiculturalism, par John Bell et Chantal Sundaram


Capitalism, imperialism and the rise of Islamophobia, par Chantal Sundaram


Resisting racism, par John Bell

Publié dans Socialist Worker (Canada), décembre 2010

En janvier 2007, la revue Socialisme International a publié ma traduction d'un article de A. Sivanandan, L'attaque néolibérale contre la diversité culturelle, qui est toujours d'actualité.

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