1 février 2011

Socialist Worker editor Judith Orr reports live from Cairo as the revolution unfolds

La rédactrice en chef de l'hebdomadaire britannique Socialist Worker, en direct de la place Tahrir au Caire

12pm, Tuesday 1 Feb:There is rage in Tahrir. Many had begun to bed down for the night when news of Mubarak’s statement came out.

People ran to radios, the two TVs on one side and the big screen. Others went to local flats and cafes.

One man said," The more he tries to defy us, the people, the more we will defy him. If he stays until September he will fill the ministries with his people and spend all our money. He thinks we are stupid. But we have got our confidence now.”

People march around the square with portable speakers on their shoulders. Other do a conga in and out of the crowd. Around the campfires people shout and argue. They have come this far. They have seen people shot dead in front of their eyes. They have seen over a million fellow citizens march in the city today. They didn't go through all this to live under Mubarak

They want him out and they want him out now. He will be gone by Friday they say. They are determined

11pm, Tuesday 1 Feb: The streets have erupted. Mubarak has just made his statement. The street fell silent to listen. I stood with the local committee who protect the junction near me. They put on a car radio and gathered round to listen.

Mubarak says he won't stand for re-election in September. But he doesn't say he will go now.

As soon as he finished the whole steet gathered and the cafes emptied. I am in the middle of angry march back to Tahrir Square. The chants are, “Mubarak go. An end to Mubarak. An end to this system.”

Mubarak may think he can stem the anger tonight. But People say "Go now'.

The Tahrir Square is alive with chants and waving flags. The news is now projected on a giant screen of sheets.

“Go, go, go.”. The chants are taken up by thousands and ring round this square. If anything the announcement has enlivened anger. “Go, go, go.”

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