26 juillet 2011

Norvège: Recueillement et résistance

Photo IS Norvège
Un article de Thomas Kvilhaug, membre des International Socialists (Norvège) (en anglais)

La gauche norvégienne s'organise ...

Multicultural protest planned

The International Socialists met with trade unionists and other activists last Saturday, to start organising a demonstration after the period of burials and mourning.

Trade unionists and left wingers understand that the attack was political.

On Monday, the transport workers’ union in Oslo met to discuss the planned march and agreed to support it. Oslo LO (the equivalent of the TUC) has agreed to join it. We hope that the national union council LO Norway will make it an official initiative.

We naturally expect the Labour youth (AUF) to be in the centre of such a march.

Of course at the moment they are suffering, but they have clearly stated that they will recover and continue their political activities in honour of the victims.

We want a demonstration in solidarity with the AUF, but also for a multicultural society, tolerance and unity against racism.

Flood of racism led to terror attacks (Socialist Worker)

Communiqué de la FASE: Tuerie d'Oslo: le tueur se proclame modèle !

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