22 juin 2015

International Socialism, 1st series: some issues from the 1970s available

I have individual (occasionally 2 or 3) spare copies of the following issues of International Socalism (1st series), the (successively) quarterly, bi-monthly and monthly journal of the British International Socialism group/International Socialists (IS) and (from 1977) Socialist Workers Party.

The first is n° 37 (June/July 1969), edited by Colin Barker, with articles by Sheng-wu-lien with an introduction by Tony Cliff ('Whither China?'), Paul Mattick (on Mandel's economics), Andrew Sayers (on the Italian left) and Part One (Part Two famously did not materialise) of  'George Orwell, International Socialist ?' by Peter Sedgwick.

N° 61 was a special double issue with longer articles by Michael Kidron ('Imperialism, highest stage but one' and 'International Capitalism'), Tony Cliff ('Permanent Revolution' and 'China in Crisis') and Colin Barker ('The British Labour Movement: Aspects of Current Experience').

The collection also contains the last of the monthly magazine-format International Socialisms, n° 104 (January 1978), edited by Alex Callinicos, with Duncan Hallas, Steve Jefferys and Colin Sparks, with articles by Callinicos (on the 1977 strike wave), Joan Smith ('Women and the Family'), Pete Goodwin ('The United Front') and reviews of Tom Nairn's prophetically entitled The Break-up of Britain  (by Laurie Flynn), the 1977 Socialist Register (by Callinicos) and Hal Draper's important Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution, Volume One, State and Revolution, by Colin Barker.

All good stuff.

It is of course necessary to point out that many, if not all, of the articles in these journals can be consulted on line (for example at http://www.marxistsfr.org/history/etol/newspape/isj/index2.html )

However, if there are any collectors out there, here is the complete list of issues available. They can be picked up at Marxism 2015 in London in return for a donation to Socialist Worker. Or contact me at colin.falconer @ hotmail.fr

N°s 37, 41-43, 48, 50, 53, 55-57, 59-74, 76, 78-80, 83, 89, 94, 96-99, 101-104.

The website of International Socialism, a quarterly review of socialist theory is here ...

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